I've actually found quite a few links recently that were interesting to me in one way or another, but I haven't found the time to post them all. We're moving in less than three weeks, and my life has been, shall we say, crazy.

Let's start with new news for today. One Laptop Per Child's XO laptop is now available on! In case you missed last year's opportunity to give these laptops to children around the world (and perhaps snag one for yourself!), you have another chance. They look so darned cute, and they're rugged. They are designed for small hands, though, so buy with caution. They're $199 to give one to a child in need, or you can pay $399 to give one and get one for yourself!

The other day someone took a photo of another planet in space. Finding another planet these days isn't big news, but detecting one optically, instead of in other ways, IS news. They've actually seen the planet (named Fomalhaut b) instead of observing how something affects something else. Go science (and photography)!

Want to see a neat car commercial from another country that involves cake?

Do you love alternate history, the Civil War, and dinosaurs? We've got you covered.

A very entertaining video tribute to composer John Williams.

Next time I'm in Switzerland, I'm going to be sure to make a stop here. A scale model of the solar system. Awesome. Though I learn from the article that there is a scale model in Flagstaff. Hmmm... 90 miles away, or thousands? Granted, Switzerland is wonderful, but it'll have to wait. Though the Flagstaff one doesn't look quite so cool.

Visit Ancient Rome with Google Earth!

Happy Monday, everyone!