Happy Birthday to Me!

I turned 36 today. It wasn't as hard as turning 35 was. I guess it'll be okay until I hit 40. We'll see. At least I'm in good company. As I grow older by the numbers, I just think of all the people I love and respect out there that are growing older along with me.

(Photo: ThreeSistersToys.com)

Lego Space Shuttle!

Combining my love of space/astronomy and my love of Lego, here is the Space Shuttle, ready for launch, made out of Lego bricks.

World's Largest Model Railroad

In Hamburg, Germany, sits the world's largest model railroad, the Miniatur Wunderland. It is gigantic, spanning locations from much of Europe, Scandinavia, and even the U.S. Their meticulous attention to detail and sense of humor is evident in the video.