Geek Madness!

Have you always wished you could be excited about March Madness, but you just don't care about sports? Me, too! Our day has come. Check out Geek Madness. You must vote for Wil Wheaton! Though he's not behind. But you have to vote for Professor Frink in Match 8. Please. Because I said so.

This is Round One of the Jor-El Region.

This is awesome.

I'll admit it, I was wrong...

There is a direct link to my Prescott Courier blog! It's just not a tidy one. It lists all the entries in reverse chronological order, just like regular blog URLs. Yay.

I hope you all had/are having a great holiday! I haven't been hungry in a week. Going to try to make up for it in January.

New Blog!

I'm not going to ditch this blog, but I have been given the opportunity to blog for the local newspaper! It's an unpaid position, but more people should actually read it. Not that I don't appreciate you guys.

Here's how it happened: A couple of months ago, I noticed that the paper was advertising for a fourth mom to join their Four Moms blog. I wrote and applied. Apparently, a lot of people did. They asked for a sample blog entry, so I sent that in. I heard nothing for a couple of months and figured that they had found someone else.

Then last week I got an email from the guy, saying they wanted me! I was supposed to call another guy to learn how to post. When I talked to the other guy, he said that really they wanted people to have more ownership of their blogs and thus post more often, and that they wanted to give me my own blog! On whatever subject I want!

I was supposed to come up with something that was broad enough to not paint me in a corner about subject matter, but narrow enough to have a niche. So I picked Geek Mom as a title. It sums up most things in my life these days. Even my love of travel could be seen as a Travel Geek type thing.

There are no good links to the blog itself. There are only links to each article, and a link to the main blog page, which includes all the newspaper blogs. I'll probably recycle some of the earlier posts from here to go there (though not any of the personal ones), just to jump start the thing.

Maybe it'll propel me to bigger and better (and paying) things!

You'll never know what you'll find...

When you aren't looking. I have an interesting development to share soon. Watch this space!

I apologize to my few readers for not posting something in so long. We've been so busy unpacking and cleaning up the old place that I just haven't had time to feel inspired! But life is good, Christmas is approaching, all my presents are wrapped. I can't wait to watch people open them!

A Dose of Awesome: Joss Whedon on Craftiness

Yet another combination of two completely awesome things that you never thought you'd see together: Crafter Kim Werker interviews Joss Whedon about crafts and craftiness. This link has the article, this link has the transcript.

We Are Moved!

Not all moved, but mostly moved. Yesterday was "move large amounts of our stuff in a huge truck" day. It went really well! We had lots of help and everything went smoothly, despite having to move heavy stuff down the side of a hill without slipping and falling. My mom was even happy with our new place, and she's a hard one to please. =)

We're lacking in any window coverings, though, so that's my first project. Other than unpacking and making this place livable. And getting the rest of our stuff that we didn't manage to pack out of the old place. And getting the house on the market and SOLD. Does anyone want to move to Prescott Valley, AZ? When we get the place ready, I'll post photos and information, just in case I have more than three readers.

Conjunction Junction, What's Your Function?

I took a few minutes out of my very busy week to admire the lovely conjunction last night among the crescent moon, Venus, and Jupiter. Here's a photo I took. I know, it sucks. But I didn't have a tripod available. In fact, I've completely misplaced my real tripod. But the conjunction was a wonderful sight.

Welcome to Crazy Week!

I know I've been fairly silent of late. It's because we're moving. This Saturday. And I don't feel we'll be ready. But I guess we'll have to be! I have a ton of things to do this week to get furniture ready to move and our household to get transferred over to the new, much tinier, place. So I apologize for being fairly silent for the next week as well.

Something really cool, though (at least to me). Greg Grunberg twittered Wil Wheaton out of the blue and told him that he should have a cameo on Heroes. And Wil said something to the effect of, "Helloooo I've been wanting to be on there forever please please please please!" And Greg wrote back that he'd love it and that he'd try to make it happen. How awesome would that be? Maybe he and Danica McKellar could be partners.