Welcome to Crazy Week!

I know I've been fairly silent of late. It's because we're moving. This Saturday. And I don't feel we'll be ready. But I guess we'll have to be! I have a ton of things to do this week to get furniture ready to move and our household to get transferred over to the new, much tinier, place. So I apologize for being fairly silent for the next week as well.

Something really cool, though (at least to me). Greg Grunberg twittered Wil Wheaton out of the blue and told him that he should have a cameo on Heroes. And Wil said something to the effect of, "Helloooo I've been wanting to be on there forever please please please please!" And Greg wrote back that he'd love it and that he'd try to make it happen. How awesome would that be? Maybe he and Danica McKellar could be partners.