Leafcutter Designs

This one deserved its own post. I love finding people where I love everything they do. It doesn't happen often. I found out about this woman in my ReadyMade magazine (the only magazine I currently subscribe to, since my time is limited, though I'm seriously considering subscribing to Mental_Floss).

Anyway, this woman runs The World's Smallest Postal Service out of San Francisco's Curiosity Shoppe. You write a letter, send it to her (or bring it if you're nearby), she'll transcribe it in a teeny tiny letter, and send that letter, along with a magnifying glass, to the recipient. Very cool.

So I checked out her website, Leafcutter Designs, and found out that she's just ├╝bercool in general. She seems to do things just to spread joy all around. For example, you can send for a small box of crayons and a naming chart. Then name all the colors of the crayons using whatever criteria you wish (imagination is encouraged), send them back, and she'll label the crayons with your names and sell them in her store to fund the project. How cool is that? I sent away for one. We'll see what colors we get!

Or send her a drawing on a Rolodex card and she'll send you back copies of others' drawings. There is no possible way that this isn't fun.