Growing Older

I'm almost 36. I'm truly beginning to feel not-young anymore. It's no fun. I find I have to focus on the good things about growing older - the wisdom, the experience, my relationships, watching my children grow. Turning 35 wasn't fun, but I could kid myself that I was still in my early 30s somehow, and it was a nice round number that didn't end in zero. I'm trying to get excited about being 36 in April because it's a square number, and squares are my favorite shape. I want to do something grand for my birthday. I wanted something grand last year, but it didn't happen. I keep wanting an awesome experience specifically for my birthday, but usually you don't do those for yourself. Other people tend to do them for you. But perhaps I should just plan one myself anyway, since I seem to have control issues!

This is a horrible year for it (lack of money, trying to sell the house, etc.), but I’d love an awesome trip somewhere. Too bad it’s hard to get to Europe without flying. But how awesome would it be to take a train across the U.S., meet up with a transatlantic ocean liner, sail to Europe, spend a few months over there, and then return the same way? Who’s with me?