Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Here are some photos from our winter adventure yesterday, and from this morning, the aftermath. We have gorgeous blue skies this morning, making the snow bright and twinkly.

This shows the road that I didn't try to drive up. Other cars were having quite a lot of trouble and had to back down the road, so I parked halfway up and we walked the rest of the way home.

Here we are, taking a short cut on a snowy path instead of walking along side the harrowing road. The kids had a ball. It really was an adventure, and a much easier climb than I thought. I stopped along the way and took some more pictures on the path!

These two were taken on the path. I love it when the snow clings to trees and such.

This photo shows the termite mound made of snow that was supposed to be a snowman. The snow was sticky but not quite sticky enough.

Here is a last night/this morning pair of shots of the same stuff. Note the extra snow this morning, and the gorgeous blue sky.

The snow this morning on our very narrow railing outside the front door.