Ooo, Crafts!

I've been in a crafty place lately. I most recently finished a backpack for my son with the same fabric I used to make a backpack for my daughter about 5 years ago. He loves it, and it was insanely easy to make.

I'm also working on some Christmas presents for various family members and friends. In case they happen upon this blog, I won't talk about them until later. I'll just say they involve sewing! My big hopes for craft projects don't always turn out, so I don't promise anyone anything until I'm actually done with it and it turned out well. I've had too many projects turn out looking distinctly homemade looking, and not in a good way, either.

I've been picking up neat fabric where I can find it, lately, so I'm hoping I'll do some fun projects with it. Other than my daughter's backpack a number of years ago, I tend not to make up my own patterns. It was fun to do, but so many other people have planned out projects and eliminated mistakes that most of the time I prefer to follow other people's directions. However, I often make changes of my own.