The Phoenix Zoo

Yesterday we went to a fun birthday party of the daughter of some friends. It was at the Phoenix Zoo. Fortunately the party itself was held indoors in a nicely air conditioned room, but the rest of the day.... Bear in mind that it was still 101 in Phoenix yesterday. Our recent 82ish degrees where we live seems like winter by comparison.

Anyway, we showed up at the zoo soon after they opened (which was 7am!!) to see the animals in the "cooler" weather. It was still stiflingly hot, but most of the animals were out, and it was still cooler than it would have been if we'd done the tour de animals after the party. The trolley ride we had after the party showed a lot of the animals that we saw out in the morning were now hiding away somewhere cooler.

It's a decent zoo, but next time we go, I hope it's in the winter!