Playing for Change: Peace Through Music

I just spent the evening at a screening of a new documentary called Playing for Change. (One of the people behind it is the brother-in-law of my mom's CPA.) It recently won third place at the annual Tribeca Film Festival. Apparently, it has only played there, and now once in Arizona at a private event that I was fortunate enough to attend (thanks, Mom!).

The premise of the film is that there can be peace through music, that musicians all over the world collaborating can bring understanding and allow different kinds of people to relate to one another: poor, rich, white, black. Anyone. It was quite amazing to watch. They recorded music in one area, played it to musicians in other areas, and they sang along. In the end, they combined the singing to result in collaborations by musicians all over the world who have never met each other.

They are releasing the CD in February at Starbucks, and the movie will be shown in more mainstream theaters around then as well. If you love music, world music, peace, travel, culture, or just want to be moved, I highly recommend this movie. Also, check out the website to see clips, hear music, and find out more about the project. They also have a foundation which has already built a music school in Africa, I believe, and is going on to do other projects around the world to promote music and understanding.

Please join me in telling others about this great film.