It's So Crazy, It Might Just Work!

Awesome Wil Wheaton has realized that he can sell a lot of stuff doing his own publishing. He recently published a mini book on (which I bought, of course), and today he had the idea to create a homemade audiobook for a portion of that mini book (his Criminal Minds Production Diary - a great read, btw). He's selling it for $5. What a great idea! He said from inception to completion, today's crazy idea of his took 5 hours. And he'll make a ton of money on it, too. Certainly more than 5 hours worth of money.

Now if only I could come up with ideas of things to write that people would pay $5 for... Not that I want to be famous. I definitely don't want to be famous. I'd just love to make some money doing something fun and interesting and on my terms.