Wil Wheaton Must Win!

I know I have a very small following here, but please, vote and tell all your friends to vote for Wil Wheaton! He is so much more a geek than Gabe & Tycho. Wil was waaaaay ahead until just today, I guess. Who knows what happened? The voting ends sometime tomorrow (Sunday), so work quickly! Each IP address seemingly can only vote once.

Edited to add: Wil Wheaton is kicking butt at present, so thanks to any of you who voted for him. I'm sure, though, that my friend Matt's post over at GeekDad had much more influence! The final vote, if tallies stand as they are, will be Wil Wheaton against Joss Whedon. That will be a tough one, but I'll still vote for Wil, since he's an awesome all-around geek. Joss seems more like an awesome specialized geek.